Picture Gallery

This photo was taken at 60 below zero of a stairway leading outside.. 

Search and rescue helicopter. 

Inside of a typical air ambulance. 

These are well houses. Inside are the pipes that go into the oil field. It's a lonely place.

This is an oil drilling rig in place, quite impressive in size, and they actually move these on the roads when they need to be relocated. This one has several sections and weighs a couple million pounds.

Road trip, windchill about 20 below zero with windspeed 21 mph. Hard to believe it's May.

Minus 45F ambient, minus 75F windchill.

Interesting glow to the sky right between blowing snow storms here. 

View from Anchorage Airport Dec 2011

A glowing sky over one of our Gathering Centers,  minus 44F windchill.

The BOC clinic at minus 45 F windchill temperature.

Sunset on the slope at minus 33 degrees F.

Pharmacy area at the BOC clinic.

 This is the ER treatment room at the BOC clinic.

These are Flare Pads that burn off excess natural gas from the pipeline.

October 13th riding in from the Deadhorse airport to camp.

A Musk Ox on the slope.

A Caribou on the slope.

A seaplane at Lake Hood Seaplane Airport in Anchorage, the largest seaplane base in the world.

Seaplanes are a common form of transport in Alaska. they can be equipped with skiis, wheels, or floats.

Early morning view over Lake Hood.

Starting to snow (October 5th)

This is me in partial arctic gear at a fire call Sept 30th. Wind chill temp is 14 F.

This was taken by one of the guys up here on the slope. The bears are feasting on whale and there is a whale carcass in the background. The bear far left is a grizzly. It's unusual to see polar and grizzly bear together, as they are not friends.

A camp rig move.

Winter is here on North Slope,  Sept 27th.

A dark, snowy and overcast day about 4pm. It's 22 degrees, and it's only September 23rd.

This is me standing by the only trees on the North Slope.

Nice view of the Chugach Mountain Range as I flew out of Anchorage.

Whaling on Cross Island.

These signs are posted inside the doors of some of the remote sites to prevent surprises


This is our Pentax Video Laryngoscope.

You'll notice the clear view of the vocal cords on the training head.

Sunrise on Prudhoe Bay. The Aurora Borealis turns into a "smokiness" as sun rises.

As you can see, the tundra is FLAT.

An air ambulance I brought a patient to at airfield.

The Mobile Incident Command Vehicle at the BOC.

Overcast view looking from the BOC.

Fire and ambulance bay at BOC, one ambulance is out on the road.

 Below is a picture of BOC (Base Operations Camp) as I drove in.

Indoor volleyball court and jogging track at BOC.

The X-ray suite at MCC is the only X-ray capability on the North Slope.

 This is our pharmacy at the MCC clinic. The PA dispenses the medications.

This is me with Tony and Jack from the Ice Road Trucker's show.

Below is the Main Construction Camp (MCC) which is my primary assignment. 

This is one of our two trauma bays.

Below is Base Operations Camp, also staffed by a PA at the medical clinic. 

 Below is Endicott Island, also staffed by the medical PA. This is a 45 acre artificial island used for off shore oil drilling in the Beaufort Sea.

Below is Milne Point.  

Below:  Northstar Oil Rig in various weather. The Northstar has a smaller medical clinic, also staffed by a PA.

Below: A Hovercraft used to transport employees to Rig.

Helicopter for employee transport.


Ice road over frozen ocean to oil rig.

Below is a  Hagglund, an all terrain people carrier that can hold around 17 passengers.

The ARKTOS is an amphibian passenger vehicle capable of handling an ice to water transition.

Grizzly bear at the site.

Polar bear at the Northstar Oil Rig.

Polar bear sunbathing on the oil rig.

A walrus at the rig.

Some of the challenges our firefighters face with oil and gas fires.

This is the indoor basketball court at the MCC. Above you can
see the indoor jogging track.

This is the rotating climbing wall, works like a treadmill.

My bedroom at the MCC.

And what would remote medicine be without an espresso machine!

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